Hear God Calling You: Putting it All Together

A Biblical and Practical Approach to Discerning Your Calling and Finding Career Fulfillment

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Webinar Host Dr. Kim Moore

Kim is a Crossroads Guide, Educational Leader, and Executive Director with the Maxwell Leadership certified team. Dr. Moore equips aspiring leaders to lead confidently, guides emerging leaders to expand their influence, and coaches accomplished leaders to achieve significance.

One of the main challenges in living out your calling in your daily life is the dreaded dilemma of how to make good decisions. 

It’s one thing to know your calling and an entirely different set of skills to make decisions within that framework that fits your needs. 

To help you put it all together, during this webinar, you will learn:

  • To examine some steps to making better, more godly decisions. 
  • What to do when you face too many choices and feel overwhelmed. 
  • How to challenge lies with the truth when you’re derailed, or your judgment is clouded.

Good decision-making is often more nuanced and can be full of challenges and gray areas. That’s why listening to God, discerning His will, and making good decisions are so important.

Don’t be surprised if you face increased challenges or obstacles.

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Hear God Calling
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